The War At Home

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The War At Home
1 Canadian Economy
1.1 Imperial Munitions Board
1.1.1 Replaced the Shell committee, munition factories started building ships and airplanes, shells
1.2 Inflation
1.2.1 hundreds of thousandths of Canadians employed,production and export reached record highs, due to export, many goods became scarce
1.2.2 Scarcity caused prices to rise and wages stayed low
2 Paying For War
2.1 Victory Bonds
2.1.1 Canadians were urged to buy victory bonds to cash in, with interest, when the war was over
2.2 Income Tax
2.2.1 Government introduced income tax, only a temporary measure
2.3 Loans
2.3.1 Canadian government took loans from U.S. government
2.3.2 Government tried to pay through bonds, taxes and loans
3 Changing Role of Women
3.1 Jobs
3.1.1 Many women had to take on new roles, some made committees, others became volunteers, but the biggest change was their contribution to the labour force
3.2 Suffrage
3.2.1 Role of women during the war strengthened the campaign for women to vote
3.2.2 In 1918 all Canadian women won the right to vote due to their efforts during the war
4 Propaganda
4.1 Aims and Forms
4.1.1 designed to persuade people to support the war
4.1.2 presented in film, magazine articles, radio programs, political speeches and posters
4.2 The Huns
4.2.1 Writers described German troops as " The Huns" or a barbarian horde intent on destroying the civilized world
4.3 Lusitania
4.3.1 When the Lusitania was sunk by U-boats, angry mobs attacked innocent German businesses
4.4 Berlin, Ontario
4.4.1 Many citizens of Berlin, Ontario faced criticism due to their German heritage and the name of their town
5 Halifax Disaster
5.1 A French vessel carrying 2500 tons of explosives, was hit by another ship
5.2 the explosion devastated the harbour and some of the city, 2000-3000 people were killed and over 10 000 were injured
6 Conscription Crisis
6.1 Military Service Act
6.1.1 A bill that made enlistment mandatory, exemptions included conscientious objectors, people that didn't believe in the war due to religion
6.2 Conscientious Objectors
6.2.1 were people that didn't believe in the war due to religion
6.3 Controversy
6.3.1 Borden said that there would be no conscription and now that he introduced the Military Service Act, the nation was divided and left lasting scars on the nation
6.4 Henri Bourassa
6.4.1 Was a Quebec nationalist, that argued against conscription and the war
7 Canada's Most Divisive Election
7.1 Military Voters Act
7.1.1 Bill that allowed men and women overseas to vote
7.2 Wartime Elections Act
7.2.1 Bill that gave the vote to all women directly related to servicemen
7.3 Union Government
7.3.1 Borden invited lIberal who favoured conscription to join him and forma wartime union government
7.4 Easter Riots
7.4.1 Tensions were high at a anti-conscription riot in Quebec City, tensions broke and four demonstrators were shot dead by Canadian soldiers and ten soldiers were wounded
7.4.2 Canadian soldiers were taunting French-Canadians for refusing to enlist, French Canadians started to throw stones and vegetables at the soldiers
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