Speech-Language Pathology


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Speech-Language Pathology
  1. Gerontology
    1. Aphasia
      1. Different Types of Aphasia
        1. Broca's
          1. Mixed
            1. Wernicke's
              1. Global
              2. Speech Automatisms
                1. Different words and utterances
                2. Better ways of communcicating
                3. Nursing Homes
                  1. Are they meeting patients needs
                    1. Different Types of Nursing Homes
                      1. Assisted Living
                        1. In home health aid
                          1. Hospice
                            1. Hospitals
                              1. Rehabilitation centers
                          2. How are SLP's perceived in the health field
                            1. The public
                              1. Colleagues
                                1. Teachers
                                  1. Administration
                                  2. Other health professionals
                                    1. Occupation Therapy
                                      1. Physical Therapy
                                        1. Nurses
                                          1. Doctors
                                          2. Their clients
                                            1. The family
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