Acquired Heart Disease

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Acquired Heart Disease
1 Pericarditis
1.1 inflammation of pericardium
1.1.1 infection, cardiac injury, autoimmune response pericardial infusion preventing heart from expanding sufficiently or scarring of pericardium preventing strech difficulty breathing and chest pain
2 Myocardial Infartion
3 Ischaemic Heart Disease
3.1 uncommon but increasing cause of maternal death
3.1.1 risk factors include increasing maternal age, obesity, hypertension, smoking, family history and inequalities in health MI 3rd trimester and peripartum Heamodynamic changes in full effect higher risk of thrombotic events hypercoagulability due to hormonal changes present with ischeamic chest pain, abnormal ECG and elevated caridac enzymes atypical features include abdominal or epigastric pain and vomiting primary percutaneous transluminal coronary angiosplasty (PTCA) is first line treatment
4 Aortic Dissection
4.1 inked to severe hypertension
4.1.1 pre eclampsia, coarctation of aorta or connective tissue disease presents as severe chest or intrascapular paind early diagnosis required as mortality is high
5 Endocarditis
5.1 inflammation of endocardium
5.1.1 mainly valves. damaged streptococcal infections main cause valvular heart disease previous history, periodontal disease, IV drug abuse good infection control/ hygiene, avoid dental work. antibiotic prophylaxis for high risk women
6 Peripartum Cardiomyopathy
6.1 rare. high mortality 25-50%
6.1.1 occurs in last month of pregnancy up to 5 months postpartum sudden onset. no previous symptoms enlargement and inflammation of myocardium linked to myocarditis, viral infection, long term oral tocolytic therapy, cocaine abuse treatment involves medication to decrease pulmonary congestion and fluid overload oxygen, diuretics, vasodilators inotrophic agents to improve myometrial contractability left ventricular heart failure
7 Rheumatic Heart Disease
7.1 result of acute inflammatory complication
7.1.1 group A streptococcus endocardium inflamed and scarred mitral valve scarred. becomes distorted and dysfunctional cusps of valves roughened fuse together and narrow mitral or atrial stenosis heart works harder to pump blood leading to hypertrophy heart increases in size weakens heart. pregnancy can cause failure
7.1.2 rare in UK. 25% of women not born in UK
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