Emergent Bilingual (EB) Assessments

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Emergent Bilingual (EB) Assessments
1 Traditional Assessment
1.1 Standardized/Teacher Created
1.1.1 Forced Choice True/False Multiple Choice Matching Fill In the Blank Indirect Evidence
1.2 Possess Certain body of knowledge
1.2.1 Schools teach this knowledge Schools Test to See if Knowledge was Acquired
2 Authentic Assessment
2.1 Individual Capable of Performing Meaningful Tasks
2.1.1 Schools Help Them Become Proficient at Tasks Students Asked to Perform the Meaningful Tasks to Determine Success
2.1.2 Direct Evidence
2.2 Student Structured
2.2.1 "Planning Backwards" Tasks are Determined, then Curriculum is Created
3 Initial Assessment
3.1 Home Language Survey
3.1.1 Tells Language or Languages Spoken in the Home Parent or Guardian Complete a Survey at Home
3.2 Checks Eligibility of Educational Services
4 Summative Assessment
4.1.1 Assessing Comprehension and Communication in English State-To-State for ELL's Monitors Students' Progress in Acquiring Academic English English Language Development Standards: Social & Instructional Language •Language of Language Arts •Language of Mathematics •Language of Science •Language of Social Studies
4.1.2 Three Forms of the Test: Teir A is Beginning, Teir B is Intermediate, Teir C is Advanced
5 On-Going Assessment
5.1 Provides Continuous Feedback on Effectiveness of Instruction
5.2 Range from Planned to Informal Assessments
5.2.1 Portfolios are a Comprehensive Collection of Student Artifacts Used to Evaluate Student Acheivement
5.2.2 Oral Language Proficiency of an EB can be Assessed by Graphic Organizers, Story Maps, Book Reports
6 High-Stakes Testing
6.1 Used to Make Important Decisions About Students
6.1.1 Promotion, Graduation, or Admitted into Programs
6.2 Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) is Progress that Must be Shown by Schools and the Designated Subgroups Within a School
6.3 Content Based Standards
6.4 Culturally Responsive Test that are Comprehensive and Unbiased to the Learner
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