Data Protection Act 1988/2003

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Leaving Certificate Business Studies (Laws) Mind Map on Data Protection Act 1988/2003, created by Dani O'Rourke on 12/11/2013.

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Data Protection Act 1988/2003
1 When you give your personal details to a Data Controller, they have a duty to protect them.
2 Rights of Data Subjects (you)
2.1 Get a copy of the data
2.2 Have any errors corrected/deleted
2.3 Remove your details from the Direct Marketing List
2.4 Not be subjected to automated decision maing
2.5 Compensation
3 Obligations of Data Controllers
3.1 Obtain info fairly & openly
3.2 Keep info safe & secure
3.3 Delete info which is no longer needed
3.4 Give a copy of data when asked for it
4 Set up Data Protecton Comissioner
4.1 Investigate complaints
4.2 Force Data Controllers to give info
4.3 Force Data Controllers to correct/delete info
4.4 Keep a register of Data Controllers
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