5 Big Ideas About EB Assessment

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Assessment of EB

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5 Big Ideas About EB Assessment
1 Authentic Assessment- includes a task for students to perform and a rubric by which their task will be evaluated.
1.1 Students become proficient at performing a meaningful task
1.1.1 Perform task in "real world" Students possessing a body of knowledge to make words using letter sound cards
1.1.2 Develop Productive Citizens
1.2 Authentic Assessment
2 Traditional assessment is different from authentic, traditional assessment is forced answers where authentic is following reason and practice.
2.1 Traditional Assessment
2.2 Standardized or teacher created
2.2.1 Curriculum Drives Assessment
2.3 Students typically select an answer or recall information to complete an assignment
3 Initial Assessment
3.1 Schools are legally obligated to identify students who are ELLS
3.3 Home Langauge Surveys
3.4 language proficiency testing
3.5 Identifying educational background
3.6 Identifying levels of English proficiency
4 Ongoing Assessment
4.1 Provides continuous feedback
4.2 Performance Based Assessment
4.2.1 Portfolio to display authentic artifacts derived from what they know and have completed in the classroom
4.2.2 Informative data about student's progress and achievement in the classroom
4.3 Language Proficiency Skills
5 High-Stakes Testing
5.1 Used to make important decisions about students
5.2 Measure whether or not content and performance standards established by the state have been achieved
5.2.1 (AYP) Adequate yearly progress, the amount of progress that must be shown by a school for a designated subgroup
5.2.2 Mainstream Content-based standards
6.1 These types of assessments tell is students can apply what they have learned in authentic situations.
6.1.1 TA questions do not allow for much variability in how students demonstrate the knowledge and skills they have acquired
6.2 Require some direct demonstration of relevant skills
6.3 Assessments cannot just ask students to repeat back information
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