Demographic Transition Model

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Created by beccak432 almost 6 years ago
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Demographic Transition Model
1 stage 1- high fluctuating
1.1 high birth and death rates
1.2 small population growth
1.3 short life expectancy
1.4 rapid fall in upward age groups
2 stage 2- early expanding
2.1 high birth rates
2.2 rapid fall in death rates
2.2.1 improved facilities
2.2.2 decrease in child mortality
2.3 middle-aged, working people
2.4 longer life expectancy
3 stage 3- late expanding
3.1 birth rates also begin to fall quite rapidly
3.1.1 slowly increasing population
3.1.2 family planning
3.1.3 low infant mortality less pressure to have more!
3.2 higher elderly population
4 stage 4- low fluctuating
4.1 birth and death rates remain low
4.2 steady population
4.3 high depedency ratio
5 stage 5...
5.1 declining population
5.1.1 couples marrying etc. later on
5.1.2 birth rate lower than death rate
6 problems...
6.1 eurocentric... assuming all countries will pass through the same 4 stages
6.1.1 unlikely that LEDC's like Africa will become industrialised
6.2 doesnt give reasons for change in trends eg drop in death rate, can only assume
7 benefits...
7.1 shows how population growth of a country changes over time
7.2 comparative between countries

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