Future Tenses


A1-C2 ESL Mind Map on Future Tenses, created by Clarisse SK on 01/25/2016.
Clarisse SK
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Clarisse SK
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Future Tenses
  1. I am talking about timetables, porgrammes (public transport, cinemas, etc.)
    1. Present Simple
      1. ?
        1. What time does the train leave ?
          1. Answer
            1. My train leaves at 11:30.
      2. I've just decided to do something (at the time of speaking)
        1. Will
          1. ?
            1. Did you phone Mary ?
              1. Answer
                1. Oh no, I forgot. I will phone her now
          2. I've decided (or not) to do something (but it's not sure yet)
            1. Going to
              1. ?
                1. I feel terrible.
                  1. Answer
                    1. I think I am going to be sick
              2. I've decided and arranged to do something
                1. Present Continuous
                  1. ?
                    1. What time is Tom arriving tomorrow?
                      1. Answer
                        1. At 10. I am meeting him at the station.
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