American Imperialism

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American Imperialism
1 Causes:
1.1 Economic- we need somewhere to sell surplus of goods (new markets)
1.1.1 Panama Canal by Roosevelt - cut through SA for trade problems: disease, swampy, mts., hard soil shortest distance (bought from already started French route)
2 Colonizing:
2.1 Alaska
2.1.1 "Seward's Folly" why need this ice box? --- later realized many resources (coal)
2.1.2 Hawaii Sugar, Pearl Harbor,
3 Yellow Journalism - writing that exaggerates news to lure in readers
4 Fighting
4.1 Spanish American War
4.1.1 Cause: US blamed Spain for sinking USS Maine, Yellow Journalism, Da Lome Letter (insulted President) Spain holding onto Cuba as last colony but Cuba wanted independece (Teller Amendment said US not interested in buying Cuba few battles but famous ones- San Juan Hill- Roosevelt gained poularity Results: Roosevelt popular war hero Cuba freed but became US protectorate (Platt Amendment allowed US intervention) New Colonies: Guam + Puerto Rico to US, bought Phillipines
4.2 Phillipines
4.2.1 Manila Bay- George Dewey White Man's Burden- US duty to civilize and Christianize Phillipines gateway to China Philipinos revolt (Let by Aguinaldo) very costly to US- finally gain independence
4.3 Roosevelt Corollary
4.3.1 US could use force to protect its economic interests in SA
5 China
5.1 John Hay Open Door Notes
5.1.1 letters to other imperialist nations saying US wnated involmenent in China market
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