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Thesis MindMap for Honors Student

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JustOne's Thesis Idea
1 Paper Enginering Project
1.1 Printed Electronics
1.1.1 Underwater sensors to stabalize aquatic structures
1.1.2 Printed batteries for phones, laptops, and other mobile devices
1.1.3 Printed sensors with flexible ink, for recreational testing
1.1.4 Printer solar panels
1.2 Coating
1.2.1 Pizza Box Coating Coating to make pizza boxes more durable Coating of weak materials used in recyclying before and after molded into new product
1.2.2 Coating materials such as speakers, and mechanical components to make them water proof and air resistant
2 Mechanical Engineering Project
2.1 CAD based project
2.1.1 Use of Inventor Pro, AutoCad 2019, or Rhino & Revit to creat 3D prototypes for advanced parts
2.2 Robotic Design Project
2.2.1 Sensor and mechanical components for life enhancing robots or robotic wear
2.2.2 Elemental propulsions used as source of transportaing for robots and vehicles
2.3 New form of transportation
2.3.1 Personal transportation Flight enabled device Magnetic board with self enabled levitation
2.3.2 "People mover" Magnetic "guide" that can relocate several people at once, or individuals continuously
3 How to make the World better
3.1 Green Products
3.1.1 How to help less privaledged communities get access to more green products
3.2 Enviornmental Protection
3.2.1 Cleaning the atmosphere Developing chemical componds that are not destructive to the atmosphers and can be used for rocket propulsion
3.2.2 Cleaning up communities Increase presence of trash deposits to decrease littering
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