Discovering India

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This is a mind map to a have a Clear idea of India in the past and in the present.

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Discovering India
  1. 1 Brainstorm
    1. Where is India Located?: Location Map
      1. What languages are Spoken in India?
        1. Politics
          1. India is a Federal Parliamentary Democratic Republic
          2. People
          3. 2. Past
            1. Colony
              1. of the British Empire
                1. East India Company
                  1. Slavery
              2. Indipendent since 1947
                1. 3. Mahatma Gandhi
                  1. "Mahatma" : Great Soul
                    1. Leader of the India's Independence Movement
                      1. Goal: Creation of an Indian State Free of British Rule
                        1. Pacific Protest
                      2. 4. Your Turn
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