Indian Independence 1919-1931

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Indian Independence 1919-1947

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Indian Independence 1919-1931
1 Roles Ideas and Impact of Gandhi
1.1 Roles
1.2 Ideas
1.3 Impact
2 Political/ Economic/Social Issues in India in 1919
2.1 Political
2.2 Economic
2.3 Social
3 nature, impact and significance of campaigns of resistance 1919–1922
3.1 Impact
3.2 Nature
3.3 Significance
4 significance of the Salt Satyagraha
4.1 Nature
4.1.1 British police crushed salt into mud in hopes to stop Gandhi Indian nationlists followed and led crowds to do the same Civil disobedience broke out all over India: 60, 000 Indians arrested by British authorities Gandhi was arrested on May 5th and Satyagraha continued
4.2 Impact
4.2.1 In January 1931, Gandhi was released from prison: met with Lord Irwin and negotiated the stopping of Salt Satyagraha in exchange for equal negotiating at London conference on India's future British acknowledged Gandhi as a force they could not suppress or ignore India's independence was finally granted in August 1947
4.3 British Salt Act prohibited Indians from collecting or selling salt, a staple in the Indian diet
4.3.1 On March 12, 1930, Gandhi set out from his Ashram at Sabermanti near Ahmedabad with several dozen followers on a trek to some 240 miles to the coastal town of Dandi on the Arabian Sea. There, Gandhi and his supporters were to defy British policy by making salt from seawater.
5 nature and impact of nationalism
6 changing nature of imperialism
7 nature and impact of satyagraha
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