Tale of Two Cities

McKenzie McCabe
Mind Map by , created almost 6 years ago

Mind Map on Tale of Two Cities, created by McKenzie McCabe on 12/13/2013.

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McKenzie McCabe
Created by McKenzie McCabe almost 6 years ago
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Tale of Two Cities
1 Characters
1.1 Charles Darnay
1.2 Sydney Carton
1.3 Dr. Manette
1.4 Lucie Manette
1.5 Monsieur Defarge
1.6 Madame Defarge
1.7 Marquis
1.8 Mr. Lorry
1.9 Mr. Stryver
1.10 Jerry Cruncher
1.11 The Vengeance
2 Themes
2.1 Tyranny and Revolution
2.1.1 revolutionaries add "or Death" to the liberty phase shows how just want to further their own needs, tyranny will eventually lead to revolution
2.2 Fate and HIstory
2.2.1 Mme. Defarge and Lucie represents the fates
2.3 Sacrafice
2.3.1 Charles sacrafices aristocracy to start a family
2.4 Resurrection
2.4.1 Jerry Cruncher is a resurection man, Manette is "recalled to life" by Lucie, Carton is sort of ressurected by feeling again
2.5 Imprisonment
2.5.1 The Bastille represents imprisonement, charles is put into La Force-parallel "five paces by four and a half"
3 Symbols
3.1 Wine
3.1.1 symbolizes the revolution's intoxicating power, revolutionaries are drunk on power, also symbolizes blood- the grindstone and the wineshop
3.2 Knitting
3.2.1 Madame defarge- condems people to a deadly fate
3.3 Golden Thread
3.3.1 Lucie (her hair) brings people together and unites her family, gives them a better destiny, contrast to madame defarge's knitting
3.4 Guillotine
3.4.1 Becomes a religious symbol, wears around neck instead of cross
3.5 Shoemaking
3.5.1 Shows Manettes mental trauma from imprisonment
3.6 Footsteps
3.6.1 Lucie hears echoing footsteps, the footsteps of people coming into their lives,symbolizes fate

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