Unit 5

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Unit 5
1 Will & be going to
1.1 Facts about the future
1.1.1 Formal There will be an eclipse tomorrow
1.1.2 Informal There's going to be an eclipse tomorrow
1.2 Predictions
1.2.1 Formal One day, people will have holidays in Mars
1.2.2 Informal One day, people are going to have holidays in Mars
1.3 Decisions made at the moment af speaking
1.3.1 I know! I'll get Dad a DVD for Christmas
1.3.2 I know! I'm going to get Dad a DVD for Christmas
2 Present perfect / continous to talk about the future
2.1 Conditional
2.1.1 If it rains tomorow...
2.2 Certain time expressions
2.2.1 I'll see you when I get home mext week
2.3 Arguments made before speaking
2.3.1 We're leaving at 3pm
2.4 Timetables
2.4.1 he flight leaves at 3pm
3 Vocabulary
3.1 Engine
3.1.1 Motor
3.2 Research
3.2.1 Buscar info.
3.3 Investigation
3.3.1 "Investigación policial"
3.4 Battery
3.4.1 Bateria
3.5 Electrycity
3.5.1 Electricidad
3.6 Equipment
3.6.1 Equipo
3.7 Machine
3.7.1 Maquina
3.8 Develop
3.8.1 Desarrollar
3.9 Discover
3.9.1 Descubrir
3.10 Invent
3.10.1 Invento
4 Writing vocavulary
4.1 Sir / Madam
4.2 However
4.3 Regarding
4.4 Advertisement
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