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1 What is a wildfire?
1.1 A wild fire is any uncontrolled fire in combustible vegetation that occurs in the countryside or wilderness
2 Features of a wildfire
2.1 Mild wet winters - ideal for growing vegetation
2.2 Hot dry summers - drys out vegetation making it combustible
3 Causes of a wildfire
3.1 Natural
3.1.1 Lightening
3.1.2 Volcanic Ash
3.1.3 Drought
3.1.4 High Temperatues
3.2 Human
3.2.1 Matches
3.2.2 Campfires
3.2.3 Cigarettes
3.2.4 Arson
3.2.5 Broken Glass
4 What effect does climate have in wildfires?
4.1 Wildfires spread quickly in hot, dry weather such as a DROUGHT
4.2 Strong winds make them more violent as it fans the flames
4.3 More rainfall in the year leads to more vegetation
5 How to reduce damaging effects
5.1 Fire Breaks
5.2 Building Codes
5.3 Education
5.4 Chemical Spraying
5.5 Controlled Burning
6 Effects of Wildfires
6.1 Loss of jobs / Loss of income for farmers / Homelessness / Economy damaged / Soil Erosion / Eco systems damaged / Health Problems
6.2 Loss of life / Injury / Property damage / Crop damaged / Water & Air pollution / Loss of wildlife
7 Prepare / Prevent / Respond
7.1 Prepare
7.1.1 Have an evacuation plan
7.1.2 Make sure house is fireproof - NO combustible material within 10m of house
7.1.3 GIS
7.1.4 Forecast software - updates on fires and safest evacuatons
7.2 Prevent
7.2.1 Remove any combustible materials in areas of high risk
7.2.2 Controlled burns
7.2.3 Education Smoky Bear Posters / Leaflets / TV adverts
7.3 Respond
7.3.1 Put fires out Firefighters More fires - due to climate change Longer wildfires periods Wider distribution if whole earth is getting warmer Increase cost of damage if more intense fires Increase cost for more firefighters if there are more frequent & intense fires

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