Planning a Personal Statement

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Planning a Personal Statement
1 What do I include?
1.1 Why am I interested in this subject?
1.1.1 Talk about what first got me interested in Performing Arts and why it has played a big part in my life.
1.2 Previous and Related Studies
1.2.1 All of your qualifications will be in your UCAS application, but be sure to include any Drama courses in your personal statement, stating what you've learned, how it's helped and so on.
1.3 Relevant work experience
1.3.1 Mention the work I did with Spectacle Theatre and what that taught me about the inner workings of the Performing Arts industry. Also mention working with Drama teachers, how I learned about different warmups and other things.
2 How do I write it?
2.1 Introduction: Start with something that will get the readers attention, such as an interesting fact or a quote.
2.2 Structure: What do I want to include? Put it in an order that would be most relevant for what the Unis are looking for.
2.2.1 E.g: Intro, past experiences, related qualifications, other qualifications, work experience.
2.2.2 Conclusion: Reinforce commitment and enthusiasm for the course, as well as the other skills you have for university.
3 Other Details?
3.1 Be sure to check spelling, punctuation and grammar.
3.1.1 Leave plenty of time redraft and get feedback.
3.2 Length: My personal statement cannot exceed 4000 characters or 47 lines of text.
3.2.1 This includes spaces and blank lines.
3.3 UCAS has software to detect similarities in statements, so be sure not to copy someone else.
3.3.1 This may jeopardise the entire application.
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