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History AS (Crown, Parliament and Authority) (James I) Mind Map on Favourites, created by Katie Difford on 04/12/2013.

Katie Difford
Created by Katie Difford over 6 years ago
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1 Evidence that Favourites Undermined Him
1.1 Carr had a relationship with Thomas Overbury; who knew more state secrets than the Privy Council
1.2 Carr and his wife were suspects in Overbury's murder
1.3 Villiers was aggressive
1.4 Villiers caused scandal in the sale of titles and honour
1.4.1 Complete control of patronage from crown
1.5 Villiers; personified everything that was wrong with the political system
1.5.1 Manipulate royal patronage
2 Evidence of How Much James' Favourites Cost Him
2.1 Paid for Carr's wedding
2.2 Carr was given status and property; Sherbourne
2.3 £90,000 to Scots in gifts and £10,000 in pensions
2.4 Scots = £40,000 English £10,000
2.5 Payed off favourites debts before his own
2.5.1 £44,000
3 Evidence that James was Homosexual
3.1 Little doubt of the Kings homosexual tendencies with George Villiers
3.2 Villiers was knighted and made Gentlemen of the Bedchamber
3.3 Letters to the Duke of Buckingham
3.4 Paid for Carr's wedding
3.5 Granted Carr a pardon, after admitting to sharing state secrets
4 Evidence that James' Favourites Helped him Govern
4.1 Villiers; selling of titles, new source of income
4.2 Villiers; an able politician, so helped James with factions etc
4.3 Villiers relieved James of some of the burdens of government

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