James Attitude to Foreign Policy

Katie Difford
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History AS (Crown, Parliament and Authority) (James I) Mind Map on James Attitude to Foreign Policy, created by Katie Difford on 04/12/2013.

Katie Difford
Created by Katie Difford over 6 years ago
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James Attitude to Foreign Policy
1 Felt no hostility towards Spain, provided they did not challenge his succession to the English throne
2 A new and "foreign" King who needed a broad base of support. Saw advantages in peaceful foreign policy
3 Peace would avoid financial drain of war
4 Peace would mean he would not have to go parliament for subsidies
5 Peace would encourage an atmosphere where trade could develop
6 "Beati Pacifici" - Blessed are the Peacemakers. Wanted to be a peaceful King
7 As a peacemaker, James could secure a European role for himself
8 Crown-Parliament relations
8.1 Parliament was invariably committed to the Protestant cause in Europe
8.1.1 James attempt to balance out his daughters protestant marriage with his sons catholic one was not welcomed
8.1.2 Fear of a return to Catholicism
8.2 Any foreign commitment required extraordinary finance that could only be supplied by Parliament
8.2.1 Additional financial burdens were not welcome
8.2.2 Parliament was not likely to vote supplies without some concessions from the crown Produced debates that challenged royal prerogative after outbreak of 30 years war
8.3 Foreign policy had the capacity to link key issues such as religion, finance, royal authority

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