Media Platforms

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media platforms

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Media Platforms
1 Main Production
1.1 A filmed 2 and a half minute production of the opening to an original documentary
1.2 Filmed using a Sony camcorder
1.3 Edited on Mac computers using iMovie and Garage Band
1.4 The producton also used a voice over which was recorded using a voice recorder
2 Ancillary Products
2.1 The first ancillary product I created is a print advert to be published in a newspaper or a magazine
2.1.1 To create this product I used a Nikon camera to capture the main image to use for the advert, using this image I used Smart Colour on Photoshop in order to create a special effect and contrast of black and white against the colours used, I also created the poster on a Photoshop software called Paint Dot Net.
2.2 The second ancillary product that I chose to create is a double page spread for a TV listings magazine
2.2.1 Similarly, to create this product I also used a Nikon camera to obtain the images I needed for use as the main image on the double page spread, I then used both Adobe Photoshop and Paint Dot Net (two photoshop softwares) to edit and create the best layout for the product.
3 What media platforms have I used?
3.1 Television
3.2 Magazine
3.3 Newspaper
3.4 Why did I choose these media platforms?
3.4.1 The brief that I chose to create for my production is the opening to an original documentary, TV is a very large media platform and possibly the most common platform to be used for the broadcasting of documentaries
3.4.2 I chose to create a Newspaper advert and a double page spread for a TV listings magazine because these media platforms are known for their use of convergence and so I felt it would be most practical and useful to carry the brand identity that I hoped to create in my production
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