M008 Health & Safety

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M008 Health & Safety
1.1 Legal considerations and duties
1.1.1 1. European Union H&S framework Directive requires member states to pass their own legislation to implement the directive
1.1.2 2. Acts of parliment Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 umbrella legislation for H&S and places duties on emp.
1.1.3 3.Regulations HSWA 1974 underpinned by regulations e.g. management of health and safety at work 1999 imposes req. 2 assess risk governed by HSE/ LA/ environ. health officers etc.
1.1.4 4. Approved codes of practice & guidance created by HSE 2 assist with compliance of legal duties
1.1.5 5. Information Sheets and leaflets HSE issues info papers to provide helpful checklists
1.1.6 Duties Employers 5 or more employees policy statement orgs. H&S structure Management system audit & review measures Express obligations risk assessments safe place to work inc. welfare/ ventilation. lighting risk assess of computer use provide & maintain safe equipment first aiid facilities display H&S poster in workplace risk of fire assessments H&S inductions management of asbestos guidance on lone working Employees famiiliarise with H&S procedures comply with H&S policy follow lone working procedures
1.1.7 Potential Penalties Ciriminal some offences = strict liability only needs proof ofense occured not taking necessary steps 2 protect people = crim offence charges against org/ individuals HSE can bring prosecutions to magistrates = max fine £20k/breach more serious = crown court & unlimited fines also imprisonment 4 almost all offenses 6 mnths magistrates 2yrs in crown work related death = manslaughter charges Work-realted deaths investigation carried out jointly by police + HSE corporate manslaughter corporate manslaughter & corporate Homicide Act 2007 org 2 be guilty cause a persons deaath fine also min of £500k amount 2 a gross breach of a relevant duty of care activities that fall below the level of what is expected fine also min of £100k civil liability within 3 yrs of breach usual sanction = damages for loss of income & pain or suffereing commonly negligence slips/trips/falls/stress
1.2 Personal Responsibilities
1.2.1 Individual must have a clear understanding of H&S through training keep up-to-date with info personal experiecne
1.2.2 General rule = more snr position = more responsibility
1.2.3 General responsibilties co-operate with emp 2 min risk of H&S 2 themselves reporting breaches - actual/potential maintaining competence of H&S issues
1.3 corporate responsibilites
1.3.1 General Responsibilities structure to manage H&S accountability 4 management of H&S identify + manage foreseeable risks appropriate insurance employers liability & public liability insurances a process of managing contractors/ provision from/to others. training + info to manage H&S
1.4 Assessing risks
1.4.1 risk management identify Evaluate monitor Hazard = something with potential 2 cause harm Risk = likelihood of occurance
2.1 common requirements of places of work
2.1.1 Workplace (health & Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992 WC facilities access 2 drinking water control over temperature replacement of fresh air adequate light emergency arrangement assesment of risk storage for files etc. area 2 prepare food
2.1.2 Emergency arrangements
3.1 Definition of construction work
3.1.1 Construction (Design Management) Regulations 2007
3.1.2 carrying out any building, civls, or eng works
3.1.3 doesnt include works such as : putting up marquees/ tree planting/ surveying works
3.2 who procures & manages construction works?
3.2.1 CDM 2007 applies to all construction works
3.2.2 clients/consultants/developers etc.
3.3 Clients Duties under CDM 2007
3.3.1 duty holder - provide pre-construction H&S docs
3.3.2 provide MC all relevant info - asbestos/soil reports etc.
3.3.3 others may act on behalf of client req. contractural agree 2 ensure clients CDM duties r discharged
3.4 Designers
3.4.1 req. 2 avoid foreseeable risk in designs (reasonably practicable) applies to all phases from construction 2 maintainence
3.4.2 provide info on risks that couldnt b eliminated 4 future management
3.5 Competence
3.5.1 client ensures that their consultants are competent to do the works requested.
3.5.2 normally done via a PQQ
3.5.3 HSE ACoP guidance on competence assess of how they organise & manage H&S arrangements assess previous exp. 2 est. ability 2 undertake wrks.
3.6 Notiable projects
3.6.1 longer than 30 days of work or 500 person days 1person day = 1 shift/ 8hrs
3.6.2 client must appoint 2 further duty holders CDM Appointed coord H&S of design Pre-construction info compiled & inc into tender docs ensure H&S file is provided for safe keeping at end of proj. ensure wrks dont star until PC has provided construction phase H&S docs raise F10 Principle Contractor plan & man wks H&S of all subbies people on site

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