Kantian Ethics: Overview

Summer Pearce
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AS - Level (Year 1) Ethics (Kantian Ethics) Mind Map on Kantian Ethics: Overview, created by Summer Pearce on 02/09/2016.

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Kantian Ethics: Overview
1 Causality
1.1 each event follows on from another
2 Good will
2.1 resolve to act in accordance with one's moral duty
3 Categorical Imperiative
3.1 not dependent on experience
3.2 act as if your maxim will become the universal law
3.3 people are ends in themselves, not a means to an end
3.4 works from the autonomous will
3.5 unconditional and universally valid
3.6 a priori
3.7 intrinsic - belonging naturally to humans
4 Hypothetical imperative
4.1 statement based on experience to produce a certain outcome
4.1.1 if you want X then do Y
4.2 works out of the heteronymous will
4.2.1 out of selfish desires, for the sake of something else
4.3 conditional and not absolute
5 Summum Bonum
6 Kingdom of Ends
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