And The Glory Of The Lord

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Edexcel Music GCSE SET WORK 1

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And The Glory Of The Lord
1 Tempo
1.1 Allegro- Fast, sounds joyful
1.2 Last few bars Adagio to create grand ending
2 Tonality
2.1 Begins A Major
2.2 Change to E Major (dominant of A Major) in bar 22
2.3 Changes back to A Major, E Major passed through then B Major introduced
3 Melody
3.1 Motif A ends with notes of ascending A Major scale
3.2 Motif B is smooth, there is a sequence
3.3 Motif C repeats notes within E and A
3.4 Motif D is one pitch (like a chant)
4 Rhythm
4.1 Motif A has simple rhythm
4.2 Motif B has dotted rhythm
4.3 Motif C has crotchet, quaver, quaver, crotchet rhythm
4.4 Motif D has long dotted crotchets to express seriousness
4.5 Hemiolas used bar 9-10 at cadence
4.6 Pause before last phrase for effectiveness
5 Texture
5.1 Motif A sang by Altos then whole choir (homophonic)
5.2 Contrast homophonic texture when tenors sing Motif A and others continue with Motif B
5.3 Different combination of voices used- Sopranos singing alone exposes highest note A
5.4 Ends homophonic- sounds grand
6 Dynamics
6.1 Instruments didn't have great range of dynamics at this time
6.2 Forte and Piano are used
7 Instruments
7.1 Voice
7.2 String Orchestra
7.3 Cello
7.4 Chamber Organ

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