Lamia plot

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Lamia plot
1 Hermes searches for a Nymph that he loves
1.1 Finds Lamia as a snake
1.1.1 Lamia: "I'll show you the Nymph if you turn me into a woman" Hermes agrees, Lamia's a woman, Hermes finds his Nymph Lamia finds Lycius, Lycius falls madly in love with her they go together to Corinth, and they live together in a mansion as lovers Lycius wants to marry Lamia, she agrees, only if he doesn't invite his old tutour he goes and invites people to the wedding, she stays at home and preps the house they get married but his tutor, comes to the celebrations the tutor recongises Lamia and knows that she was a snake, he tells everyone at their wedding the truth Lycius dies, Lamia runs away
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