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Employment Law


Foundations of Business Law (Employment Law) Mind Map on Employment Law, created by Matthew Fan on 04/12/2013.
Matthew Fan
Mind Map by Matthew Fan, updated more than 1 year ago
Matthew Fan
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Employment Law
  1. Employees and Independent Contractors
    1. Case Law


      1. Why do we need to distinguish between the two?
        1. Vicarious liability
          1. Tax purpose
            1. Statutory and common law
              1. health and safety
              2. employee definition
                1. 'an individual who has entered or work under...a contract of employment' ERA 1996 s230(1)
                  1. 'a contract OF service or apprenticeship, whether expressed or implied, and whether oral or in writting'
                    1. Independent contractor operates under a contract FOR services.
                  2. Jurisdication
                    1. Employment Tribunal
                      1. EAT
                        1. Claims bought
                          1. Unfair Dismissal
                            1. Equal Pay
                              1. Breach of WTR
                                1. NMWR
                                  1. breach of employment conduct
                                    1. discrimination
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