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1 Animal cells
1.1 organelles in animal cell
1.1.1 mitochondria release energy from food
1.1.2 ribosomes produce proteins to growth and repair
1.1.3 lysosomes garbage disposal that get rid of waste
1.1.4 endoplasmic reticulum pathways that allow material to move quickly
1.2 specialised animal cells
1.2.1 muscle cells controls your body part
1.2.2 nerve cells carries informations
1.2.3 blood cells white blood cells fight against bad bacterias red blood cells carry oxygen from our lungs around the body
1.2.4 fat cells produce heat
1.3 it hunts for food
2 Plant cells
2.1 Chloroplasts
2.1.1 contain chlorophyll
2.1.2 make plants green
2.2 makes food through photosynthesis
2.3 Cell wall
2.3.1 keep plants in shape
2.3.2 plant's skeleton
2.4 specialised plant cells
2.4.1 guard cells
2.4.2 conducting cells
2.4.3 root hairs
2.4.4 photosynthetic cells
2.4.5 structural cells
3 building blocks in all living things
4 Fungal cells
4.1 do have cell walls
4.1.1 but made from different chemicals than plants
4.2 making their own food
4.2.1 produce substances that digest the material they are growing on absorb the digest material into their cells
5 Cannot be seen through naked eyes
5.1 cells are microscopic
5.1.1 scientists used microscope to see cells light microscope monocular microscope binocular microscope electron microscope TEM SEM stereo microscope two monocular microscopes joined together
6 organelles
6.1 smaller parts in cells
6.2 vacuole
6.2.1 may contain wastes or chemicals
6.3 cytoplasm
6.3.1 jelly-like mixture
6.4 nucleus
6.4.1 control the centre and all the chemicals in cell
6.5 cell membrane
6.5.1 the skin that holds cell together
6.5.2 controls what comes and leaves in the cell
7 unicellular
7.1 single cell
7.2 e.g: bacterias and yeast
8 multicellular
8.1 many cells
8.2 all cells work together
8.3 every cells have different jobs
8.4 animal and plant cells
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