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1 Study notes= note taking
1.1 Daily assistance to class
1.2 write you owns notes
1.2.1 For that is necessary Enough material pay attention to the teacher Enumerate the papers A new topic in a now folio Amplios wide margins Title and subtitle Classifiers of subjects
1.3 Homework
1.3.1 Clear measures be constant
1.3.2 If you made a mistake you should corect it
1.3.3 Do it daily
1.3.4 Be constant
2 Mind maps/concept
2.1 Organize ideas for do it more easier
2.2 Relation the ideas with another or with the set of the topic
2.3 Main idea (technical underscore)
2.4 Separate main ideas
2.5 Separate second ideas
2.6 Mind map
2.6.1 It is use for representgraphically the words ideas or a homework of a topic
2.6.2 Diagram
2.6.3 Its ise draws imagenes, lines, links
2.6.4 Main use: its use to be use for business presentations or educational work
2.6.5 Its an easy and flexible recopilation of dates
2.6.6 Advantages It lets visualize, evaluate, organize the ideas
2.6.7 Disadvantages It can take a lot of time and can make a mess
2.7 Conceptual map
2.7.1 Its a way of study
2.7.2 Its a net of conceptions
2.7.3 Its use to be use for the representation of the knowledge
2.7.4 Its susedenlacecs Main use Make concepts, ideas and structures Contribute in the leraning in aeasier way Organized information
2.7.5 Advantages Emphasizes, show and generalizes ideas of a topic
2.7.6 Disadvantages It can make a mess and with this its more difficult the learn
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