Poems Of The Decade

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Poems Of The Decade
1 Material
1.1 Language
1.1.1 "My mother was the hanky queen"- Links to the theme of quality in the days of hankerchiefs.
1.1.2 "dried-up hankies fell in love and mated"- Imagery of birth- metaphors for childer. Oldern day children= hankerchief, modern children=pocket tissue
1.1.3 "Nostalgia only makes me old."- links to imagery of tissues as they become old and shrivelled too quickly.
1.1.4 "When handy packs are 50p?"- Rhetorical question= Sarcastic tone- nowadays we buy things for the cheapness.
1.2 Form
1.3 Structure
1.3.1 Rhyme is sometimes half-rhyme
1.3.2 Steady rhythm
1.4 Themes
1.4.1 Nostalgia
2 Eat Me- Patience Agbabi
2.1 Language
2.1.1 Metaphor- "His bread fruit" "His desert Island after shipwreck" "or a beached wale after shipwreck"- she wants to escape the company of the house she is stuck in.
2.1.2 Repetition of "fat"- what she sees herself as.
2.1.3 Simile "Hips judder like a juggernaut" suggests that she has sacrificed her life for him.
2.1.4 Short sentence "Didn't even taste it"- she's eating for the sake of it, not even hungry.
2.2 Form
2.2.1 Chronological order
2.2.2 even amount of stanzas
2.2.3 enjambment could suggest how she constantly eats
2.3 Structure
2.3.1 Repetition of her weight, she always seems depressed, so repetition of her depression in each stanza
2.3.2 Rough rhyme schemes which shows her thoughts aren't very clear
2.4 Themes
2.4.1 Power- he's dominating her but she overcomes him in the end
2.4.2 Claustrophobia
2.4.3 Gender- the idea of mean having power but by the end it is overthrown
3 Chainsaw Versus The Pampass Grass
3.1 Language
3.1.1 Personification "juices ran from its edges"- "juices" could symbolise oil. "Ran" could suggest that it is overused and broken.
3.1.2 "Gunned the trigger"- implies that it has the power of a gun
3.1.3 "No gearing up or getting to speed" suggests that the chainsaw is old and violent and it isn't shown to work properly.
3.1.4 "Knocked back a quarter pint of engine oil"- overused and broken, drunken action.
3.1.5 Repetition of "the chainsaw" shows how the chainsaw is the most dominant
3.1.6 "Drumming in its heart"- implies it has the desire to kill something.
3.2 Themes
3.2.1 Nature vs Mankind
3.2.2 men v women
3.2.3 chainsaw V pampass grass
3.3 Structure
3.3.1 Dramatic Monologue
3.3.2 chronological order
3.3.3 1st person
3.4 Form
3.4.1 lyrical language and everyday language to show nature V mankind
4 A Leisure Centre Is Also A Temple Of Learning
4.1 Language
4.1.1 "We twelve are the chorus"- the older women, commenting on what's happening, Jesus' 12 disciples=worshipping the young girl
4.2 Form
4.3 Structure
4.4 Themes
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