Lord Of The Flies

Cecily Russell
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GCSE English Literature Mind Map on Lord Of The Flies, created by Cecily Russell on 02/12/2016.

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Lord Of The Flies
1 symbols: objects, figures, colours used to represent abstract ideas/concepts
1.1 the conch
1.1.1 civilisation
1.1.2 vessel of political legitimacy, as the boys become more savage, it looses it’s ‘power'
1.2 piggy’s glasses
1.2.1 power of science
1.2.2 intelligence
1.2.3 they start the fire
1.3 the lord of the flies
1.3.1 pig’s head
1.3.2 parallels devil/satan
1.3.3 reveals theme of evil within every human, promises to have “fun” with Simon (foreshadowing his death)
1.4 the beast
1.4.1 they fear it
1.4.2 evil within them all the more savage they act, the more ‘real’ the beat becomes
1.5 the island
1.5.1 paradise, utopia like the Garden of Eden
1.5.2 microcosm of the outside world
2 themes: fundamental ideas explored
2.1 civilisation vs savagery
2.1.1 Conflict between 2 impulses inside every human. Civilisation referred to as ‘good’ and savagery referred to as ‘evil’. Allegorical novel where two impulses represented through the fight between Ralph and Jack
2.2 loss of innocence
2.2.1 boys progress from well behaved children to savages, showing their loss of innocence. Painted savages in Chapter 12 are far different from the naked children swimming in the lagoon in Chapter 3.
3 motifs: re-occuring structures, contrasts that help to develop themes
3.1 biblical parallels
3.1.1 retelling episodes from the bible The paradise-like island compares to Adam & Eve in the Garden of Eden. Both later go on to destroy these places. Pristine places corrupted by the evil and greed within man
3.1.2 Simon shown as Jesus? He is ‘sacrificed’ by the others when he realises the truth that The Beast is the evil inside all of them
3.1.3 Lord Of The Flies (pig’s head) as the devil? It works to promote evil among the boys/ mankind. They offer it things “This head is for the beast. It’s a gift” Chapt.8
3.1.4 doesn’t develop explicit parallel to the bible
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