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1 5 cumpulsory daily prayers
1.1 Fard - obligatory
1.1.1 Muslims
1.1.2 Sound mind
1.1.3 10 years or older
1.2 'Verily, I am Allah: there is no God but I: so serve thou me only and establish regular prayer for celebrating my praise'
1.3 Often need to pray at work or when travelling
1.3.1 Muhammed - 'Pray in a clean place, pray at 5 set times a day, pray facing Makkah, the Holy city'
1.4 Communal prayer recommended
1.4.1 'And be steadfast in prayer; practise regular charity; and bow down your heads with those that bow down in worship'
1.5 Fajr
1.6 Zuhr
1.7 'Asr
1.8 Maghrib
1.9 'Isha'
1.10 5 elements validating a prayer:
1.10.1 Confidence of the time
1.10.2 Facing the qiblah
1.10.3 Covering awrah
1.10.4 Clean clothes, body and place of prostration
1.10.5 Pure from hadath
1.10.6 Infront of a sutrah
2 Wudu
2.1 Physical washing to represent being spiritually clean and ready to worship Allah
2.2 Tayammum - use of sand or dust if no clean water is available
2.3 Ghusl - full ablution
2.3.1 After sexual intercourse, sexual discharge, menstruation, death by natural courses
3 Salah-ul-Jumu'ah
3.1 Congregational friday prayers
3.2 Men perform it in congregation
3.3 Khutbah (sermon) given by a khatib (speaker)
4 Dua - informal, personal prayer

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