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1 The victim
1.1 We dressed the victim in trendy modern clothes not to dissimilar of what people are wearing now. We thought this would make the character relatable and make the audinec think about if this happened to them.
1.1.1 Casual shoes
1.1.2 black jeans
1.1.3 Several layers of under clothing grey turtle neck Jumper Shirt
1.1.4 Black jacket
2 Zombie
2.1 We dressed the zombie in normal clothes to show that he was an ordinary person but made the clothes muddy and tatty to show that he has become a zombie and doesn't care about himself anymore.
2.1.1 Blue skinny jeans
2.1.2 again the zombie was wearing several layers to show the cold climate Black thick jumper Hoodie underneath
2.1.3 converse type shoes
3 we decided to dress both characters in ordinary clothing to show that there is nothing special about these people and to connect with the audience.
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