How Christians interpret the Bible


Religion (D- Religion, Reason and Revelation) Mind Map on How Christians interpret the Bible, created by Tabs Churchill on 12/22/2013.
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Tabs Churchill
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How Christians interpret the Bible
  1. Fundamentalists
    1. Bible taken literally
      1. World created in 7 days
        1. "All Scripture is breathed out by God"
          1. 2 Timothy 3:36
        2. Advantages
          1. Keep 10 commandments
            1. Keeps Jesus' teachings
              1. Clear
                1. Not misinterpratated
              2. Disadvantages
                1. Unfair to some people
                  1. Sexist
                    1. Girls can't be educated
                  2. Out of date beleifs
                    1. People easily judged
                      1. Hard to keep all rules
                    2. Conservative
                      1. Written by humans, inspired by God, read in context
                        1. Taken into context
                          1. Some belive in Gay marrage
                            1. Some beleve in Woman Priests
                            2. Advnatages
                              1. Easily altered for different people
                                1. More up to date
                                  1. easily accepted in society
                                  2. Disadvantages
                                    1. Doesn't follow all 10 commandments
                                      1. Can misinterpret bible
                                        1. All believe different parts in bible
                                          1. unclear
                                      2. Liberal
                                        1. Written by humans who have faith in God
                                          1. Read as a message or myth
                                            1. Accepts basic truth of Christanity
                                            2. Advantages
                                              1. not to serious
                                                1. Relaxed religion
                                                2. Many interpriations
                                                3. Disadvantages
                                                  1. may not follow important views
                                                    1. Unclear
                                                    2. Don't agree with other views
                                                  2. Secular
                                                    1. Nearly Separate form religion
                                                      1. Not committed to any religion
                                                        1. They say the bible is writen by humans but still contains moral wisdom
                                                          1. Accept the message of the bible but do not take the story's as truth's
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