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Develop_Project_Charter & Project_Charter

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1 Project Title and Description
2 Project Manager Assigned and Authority Level
3 Bussines Case
4 Resources Preassigned
5 Stakeholders
6 Stakeholder Requirements as Known
7 Product Description / Deliverables
8 Assumptions
9 Constrains
10 Measurable Project Objetives
11 Projecct Approval Requirements
12 Higth - level Project Risks
13 Project Sponsors Authorizing this Project
14 Benefits the Project Charter
14.1 rrecognizes formallally (authorizes) the existence or establishes the project
14.1.1 *** It Gives the Project manager authority to spend money and commit corporate resourses to the project provides the objectives higth-level requirements and success criteria for the project identifies the constrains and high - level requirements, and sucess criteria for the project identifies the constrains and high -level risks for the project The process of creating the chárter uncovers assumptions about the Project which the Project manager can later address in the detail requirements, gathering, scope definition and risk management efforts links the Project to the ongoing work of the organization Any change to the Project charter should call into question whether the Project should continue
15 Creating the Project chárter involves planning the Project at a high level to assess whether it is feasible within the given constraints
16 scope
17 time
18 cost
19 quality
20 human resourse
21 communications
22 risk
23 procurement
24 stakeholder
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