Chinese civil war 1946 - 1949

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1 KMT led by Jiang Jieshi
1.1 Supported by America
2 CCP led by Mao
3 1934-5 Long March – 90% die, Mao left as the sole leader of the CCP
4 WWII - KMT and CCP ally against the Japanese; doesn’t work properly. KMT is supplied with weapons and arms from America, but the CCP isn’t. Jieshi uses fights CCP, not Japan, while CCP is fighting Japan – improves their standing
5 At Yalta and Potsdam, Russia had been promised land in SE Asia, in exchange for their help in crushing Japan. The Bomb meant this help wasn’t required.
6 1945 - WWII ends
6.1 1946 - Chinese civil war outbreak
7 Mao wanted no Nationalist Army, Jieshi wanted the CCP army under his control. Jieshi was over confident in his support from America, while Mao disliked that Chiang had American support
8 Jieshi ordered the Japanese to surrender to Nationalists rather than Communists, and would be responsible for law and order until they did. (further damaged Jieshi's reputation). American Air force airlifted Jieshi's troops to key cities (Beijing,Nanjing,Shanghai) USSR had also stripped Manchuria, collapsing the Chinese economy. Manchuria had been under USSR control (hindering Jieshi's forces), and they slowly withdrew to give Chinese communists time to take power
9 Most American aid was lost and ended up in communist hands
10 Nationalist army looted and were arrogant – not popular with people, and had to use force to retain power
11 CCP had land reform, democracy, freedom, low rent
12 1947, Marshall reduced aid to Jieshi, but the KMT had some success. However, they were ultimately awful, and corrupt, (the latter preventing decent economic reform)
13 1949: America knew it had backed the wrong side. Increasingly reluctant to support him, but there was a China Lobby, republicans who believed America was being a bit too Pro communist
13.1 Resulted in $570 million going to KMT; wasn't enough and led to CCP seeing America as an interfering outsider, and the Republicans seeing the State Department as having betrayed Jieshi
14 1st October 1949 – PRC declared. In December, Jiang fled to Taiwan
14.1 Government set up in Taiwan, recognised by America and other powers as the legitimate government of China
15 Consequences
15.1 Containment became a blanket policy – all communism is the same
15.2 Stalin had supported CCP during the war, and USSR had looted Manchuria, thoroughly irritating the Chinese. America failed to recognise this little issue, driving Mao into a Sino-Soviet Pact

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