Multiple Linear Regression

Keith Walker
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Keith Walker
Created by Keith Walker over 6 years ago
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Keith Walker
Multiple Linear Regression
1 Y = a + b₁x₁ + b₂x₂.....bkxk
1.1 xᵢ is the ᵢth explanatory variable (i= 1,2,3...k)
1.2 Y is mean, expected or predicted value of y which corresponds to a group of values for x
1.3 Partial Regression Coefficients where b₁ represents the amount Y equals when b₁ is increased by 1 unit and all other coefficients remain the same.
2 Analysis
2.1 Goodness of fit. Adjusted R². Lo = poor
2.2 ANOVA ie H₀ b₁,b₂.....bᵢ =0 Significant result, at least one x is linear related to Y
2.3 t-test of each coefficient. Same as for Linear Regression for each explanatory variable. b₁/SE(b₁)
3 When we are interested in the effect of several explanatory variables on a dependant variable.

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