Regression Test New Reader

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regression test new reader

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Regression Test New Reader
1 Does swiping pages works correctly
2 - does Toolbar appears/disappears when you tap (rotation)
3 Page slider
3.1 first/ last position can be reached
3.2 tap is working as well as sliding
3.3 go to last page appears and works
3.4 page bubble nummber is tha same as on the page
3.5 rotation
4 Search
4.1 search is working for 3+letters
4.2 you can go between results
4.3 results are highlighted
4.4 last search term is rememberred
4.5 rotation
5 zooming
5.1 using gestures (rotation)
5.2 through the aA Menu
6 changing font (rotation)
6.1 does the menu stays on the screen
7 Highlights - mark 2-3 highlights for different pages and different settings mentioned below (rotation)
7.1 Alignment
7.1.1 Line spacing Margin are the markers in the correct position are the markers visible after reopening the book
8 is brightess menu works (rotation)
9 Content
9.1 Is it displayed, swipable, page nummbers correct, navigating to the proper page
10 List of Notes
10.1 can bookmarks be set
10.1.1 do they navigate to the proper page
10.1.2 do Markers navigate to the correct page
10.1.3 is the page nummber in List of Notes as on the page (rotation)
11 Block rotation works?
12 after reopening: markers/ bookmarks/ last page read preserve
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