electricity at home

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electricity at home
  1. hazards of electricity at home:
    1. long cables
      1. frayed cables
        1. cables in contact with something hot or wet
          1. water near sockets
            1. shoving things into sockets
              1. damaged plugs
                1. too many plugs using one socket
                  1. lighting sockets without bulbs in
                  2. most cables have three seperate wires
                    1. most electrical appliances connect to the mains by 3 core cables so they have 3 wires within them each with a copper core and plastic coating
                      1. the brown live wire in a mains supply alternates between a high positive and negative voltage
                        1. the blue neutral wire is always at 0 voltage electricity normally flows in and out through live and neutral wire only
                          1. the green & yellow earth wire is for protecting wiring and safety it works with a fuse to prevent fire and shocks its attached to the appliances metal casing and carries electricity to the earth, away from us should an accident occur where the live or neutral wire touch the metal case
                        2. three pin plugs
                          1. safety and structure
                            1. the right colored wire is connected to each pin and screwed in firmly
                              1. No bare wires inside the plug
                                1. cable grip tightly holds the main cable in place
                                  1. thicker cables means less resistance so they carry more current
                                  2. plug features
                                    1. metal parts are made of copper or brass as they're good conductors
                                      1. case, cable insulation & grip made of rubber or plastic as good insulators and flexible
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