Yuan Shikai and Warlord China (1912-27)

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Yuan Shikai and Warlord China (1912-27)
  1. Yuan Shikai
    1. 1913 National Assembly: Sun Yatsen's party Guomindang won majority
      1. Jan. 1914: Yuan dissolved national assembly + made himself president for 10 years
      2. End of 1914: Ruled as a dictator. 12/18 provinces in his control
        1. Dec. 1915: Yuan was confident enough to try becoming Emperor
        2. Opposition to Yuan Shikai
          1. Guomindang
            1. Wanted democracy
            2. Military Governors
              1. Afraid to lose power if Yuan became Emperor
              2. Japan
                1. Had plans to invade+control parts of China
                  1. 'Twenty-One Demands'
                    1. 1915: Japan presented Yuan with 'Twenty-One Demands' to control factories, roads,ports etc... or there would be war
                      1. Yuan accepted and lost popularity
                        1. Christmas 2015 rebellion in Yunnan forced Yuan to abandon emperor plans
                          1. Died naturally in 1916
                2. Warlords (1916-27)
                  1. Collapse of Beijing govr. after Yuan death
                    1. Guomindang set up separate govr. in Guangzhou
                    2. Ruthless warlords took control of Chinese provinces
                      1. Lots of wars and deaths
                        1. Biggest civil war: 1920-22: 300,000 soldiers
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