Structure and Properties

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Structure and Properties
1 Simple Molecules
1.1 Substances made up of simple molicules have low melting points and boiling points
2 Giant Covalent Structers
2.1 Covalently bonded substances with giant struchers have very high melting points.
3 Giant Ionic Structures
3.1 Ionic compounds have high melting points and they are all solid at room temperature
4 The properties of Polymers
4.1 The properties of polymers depend on the monomers used to make them. Changing reaction conditions can also change the properties of the polymers of the polymer that is produced
5 Nanoscience
5.1 Nanoscience is the study of small particals that are between 1 and 100 nanometers in size.
6 Giant Metallic Stucture
6.1 When we bend and shape metals the layers of atoms in the giant metalic structure slide over each other

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