Fear in Wuthering Heights

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Created by HattieD almost 6 years ago
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Fear in Wuthering Heights
1 Gothic concept of fear
1.1 Reaction to a potentially horrible event
1.1.1 Leads to the sublime
1.2 Quote from Gothic writers- "The Gothic Flame"
1.3 Horror and terror create the same pleasure in the reader as gothic writing
2 The Supernatural
2.1 Ghosts
2.2 Haunted house
2.3 Religious references
2.4 The unknown
3 Violence
3.1 Dog attacks
3.2 Priest attack in the dream
3.3 The ghost and Mr Lockwood
3.4 Bullying- Heathcliff and Hindley
4 Fear of the unknown
4.1 Heathcliff's arvial
4.2 Catherine's return
5 Death
5.1 Catherine's death
5.2 The dead dog
5.3 Mr Earnshaw
5.4 Hindley's death
5.5 Isabella
5.6 Heathcliff
5.7 Edgar

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