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1 Algorithms
1.1 Solving problems 1 step at a time
1.2 Processors can only process 1 instruction at a time
1.3 Mainly expressed as a flow chart
1.3.1 Symbols
2 Pseudocode
2.1 Used for planning algorithms
2.2 Should allow a programmer to write it in any language
2.3 Key words written in capital letters (eg INPUT,IF, WHILE)
3 High Level/ Low Level Programming
3.1 Low Level is understood by the processor
3.1.1 Machine Code binary codes for each instruction and register location
3.1.2 Assembly Language Code specific to a type of processor eg INP, LDA, Out
3.2 High Level has to be translated
3.2.1 Uses languages that is easier to understand by humans
3.2.2 eg Python, BASIC, Javascript
4 Translation
4.1 Assembler
4.1.1 Turns assembly language into machine code
4.1.2 Only can be used in low level programming
4.2 Compiler
4.2.1 Creates an executable file to run the program
4.2.2 Once is compiled it doesn't need the original source coe
4.2.3 Would be used for proprietary software
4.3 Interpreters
4.3.1 Executes the source code directly
4.3.2 Used when creating a program
4.3.3 Would be used on open source software
5 Control Flow
5.1 Sequencing
5.1.1 The order through an algorithm
5.2 Selection
5.2.1 IF THEN ELSE to control the flow
5.3 Iteration
5.3.1 WHILE or FOR Loop
6 Data Types
6.1 Variables or constant
6.1.1 Variable changes during the program eg score
6.1.2 Constant stays the same eg Pi
6.2 Integers and real numbers
6.2.1 Integer is a whole number
6.2.2 Read (sometimes called float) can have decimals places
6.3 Arrays are lists if the same type
6.4 Operations are mathematical symbols eg < > = + - * /
7 Testing
7.1 Logical error
7.1.1 Human error with the construction of the algorithm
7.2 Run-time error
7.2.1 An error in the program eg stuck in the loop
7.3 Syntax error
7.3.1 Not a correct command for the coding language being used
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