Biology - B3 - AQA - GCSE - Human Activity

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GCSE Science (Biology B3 GCSE) Mind Map on Biology - B3 - AQA - GCSE - Human Activity, created by Josh Anderson on 02/22/2016.

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Biology - B3 - AQA - GCSE - Human Activity
  1. Reasons for the growth in the human population
    1. No natural predator
      1. Lack of contraception in low income countries
        1. Modern humans can fight pathogens better
          1. Can cure diseases
          2. Increased standard of living
            1. More food
              1. More electricity
                1. Heat
                  1. Lighting
                  2. More fuel
                    1. Electricity
                      1. Heat
                        1. Cooking
                          1. Travel
                          2. Better education
                        2. Resources being used up
                          1. Rocks
                              1. Housing
                              2. Minerals
                                1. Products - Metal ores
                                2. Land
                                  1. Housing
                                    1. Mining
                                      1. Farming
                                        1. The human population is growing which means that more food is needed to satisfy this
                                        2. Non-renewable energy sources
                                          1. Heating
                                            1. Electricity
                                              1. Travel
                                                1. More fossil fuels are being burnt for heat and power
                                                2. Trees
                                                  1. Products - Wood
                                                    1. Heating
                                                      1. Electricity
                                                        1. Housing
                                                      2. Types of pollution


                                                        1. Air pollution - Fossil fuels burning to make electricity and heat, transport
                                                          1. Water pollution - Fertilisers for farming, bodily waste
                                                            1. Land pollution - Landfill, factories
                                                              1. Disposable items
                                                                1. When humans build on land, they are removing plants which photosynthesis which removes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and replaces it with oxygen. Because the humans are destroying the plants, this is not happening as much which results in more carbon dioxide remaining in the atmosphere.
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