In what ways does your media products use, develop or challenge forms or conventions of real media products

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this is question 1 for my evaluation on my trailer, soul takers.

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In what ways does your media products use, develop or challenge forms or conventions of real media products
  1. Conform Trailer
    1. From all the trailers that I have seen, they have all got about 7 titles within them. To conform I have have titles within mine, but I do have more than the average amount, for I have got 9. The reason why I have put titles within my trailer, is so that the audience can get a better feeling about what the film is about.
      1. Most horrors conform to Todorov theory of everything starting off calm, and then building the trailer up to become suspenseful. I too have used this theory to grip the audience. By starting off the trailer slow and calm, the audience will relax, and as the trailer builds up, they will then engage more with the trailer and then will want to see it.
      2. Develop Trailer
        1. At the end of new trailers now, they have got a set of titles that have got all of the social media links on it. I have got the same set of titles at the end of my trailer, for I want my film to be advertised in social media, for that is what the majority of my audience is on.
        2. Challenge Trailer
          1. I have challenged the idea of staging events, for instead of staging a funeral, I have filmed a real one. The benefit of filming a real event, means that all the people you are filming will have will be using real emotions. Also it means that there are less costs, and everything is accurate.
            1. I havent used any fake blood in my trailer. This is quite challenging, for most horror trailers has got some element of blood within them. I havent for I want my film to be full of possession.
            2. Conform Poster
              1. At the bottom of my poster I have got all the different people who were working in my film I have got this on the bottom of my poster, for most posters have got this. Its rare if films posters do not have these credits
                1. On my poster I have got a tagline on it. most posters have got taglines, for the audience may remember that better than the actual film title. It is rare when a film poster does not have a tagline on it.
                2. Develop Poster
                  1. Most posters have got either the main character or a couple of main chracters in the middle, so to draw the eye to them. What I have done to challange this is to put my main chatacter to the side and have the camera as the most drawn to thing in the poster.
                    1. Most horror posters has got a person on the front looking very scared. I have not got this on mine, for I am developing the idea that a horror poster can look more creepy when there isn't someone on the front looking scared.
                    2. Challenge poster
                      1. Most film posters have got some indication on them to when a film may come out. I have not got this indication on mine, for i wanted the release to come as a surprise to the audience. I didnt even want 'comming soon' on the poster. By having some indication of when a new film will come out, the audience will then try to find out as much as they can about it before it comes out. I want my film to be quite secretive, till the trailer comes out.
                      2. Conform Magazine
                        1. I have got my models head in front of the of the EMPIRE. Most of the EMPIRE magazines have got the models head covering parts of it. Rarely do they not. I have done this to make my model look more important.
                          1. I have put some of my key words on the magazine in a rectangle. This confroms to the covers of TOTAL FILM, for they often use these blocks to highlight the key words.
                          2. Develop Magazine
                            1. I have used a PUG in the corner of my magazine to show what is in my magazine. Not many EMPIRE magazines have one, but some TOTAL FILM magazines do.
                              1. I am developing the use of a circle on my magazine. Most of the newer issues of EMPIRE have got these circles on them to show some of the new and important material in the magazine.
                              2. Challenge Mgazine
                                1. My writing s to the rght hand side. Most of the EMPIRE magazines either have writing on both sides, or only on the left. I have challenged this by putting it to the right, so that the left side is moe highlighted. Also I wanted it to fit more with the Z theory, for i wanted all of text to be read in between all of the other words
                                  1. The circle that I have on my magazine, which shows the most important information in the magazine, has been challenged. For magazines, like EMPIRE, have only got words in their circles, but the way that I am challenging it is that I have also used a pictre in my circle. the picture that I have used is of the film being described in the circle.
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