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World Studies RRS
1 4. I used mainly secondary data for my research, collecting data and information form the internet. I also talked to a member of the Saver the Children Charity shop about her views on family planning and how it is affecting people in India. I found it interesting to see the views of the people I see everyday and the people I do not know at all. I came to the conclusion that the people i know have a much more realistic view of the situation because they may have seen it during their lifetime or experienced it themselves. I believe that data and quotes from people only show so much, and most of it is a more romanticised view point because they have not experienced or seen the brutal reality that people in places like India go through. For example in some areas of India, women are treated as property because it is part of their culture and religion.
2 1. Choosing a the subjects and therefore the topic. I chose geography and Biology because I enjoy science, whilst geography explores and gives evidence for the ways in which science and other variables affect the world
3 2. I received help from my supervisor, where we created a timetable and a plan as to what would be put in the essay. They also aided in making sure I produced a first draft of the essay before the set deadline.
4 3. I chose India and the states of Bihar and Kerala because, aside from the fact that it had the best and most recent data to be found online, it is also a very unique and therefore interesting country. It has a vibrant culture, religion and way of being that struck my attention and led me to choose the country as a case study. It is also a developing country so new and unusual things are arising everyday
5 My view is that family planning and contraception are great; they decrease the population, increase the income of a house (less children less money spent on them) and aid women to become more independent. However there are factors such as culture, religion and lack of income which slow down the process of this becoming national in India. In my opinion we need to make people more aware that there are things like family planning available and encourage them to take part.
6 Image looks at how India is now introducing incentives to increase the level of family planning in the country. One way they are doing this is by providing free insurance for those who take family planning.
7 In order to increase the level of women taking contraceptives the government have introduced injectable contraceptives which will make it easier for women to use. How ever it is the poorest people in the country who have the most children, and therefore if the procedure is expensive it will have now effect on the population growth of the country.
8 Map of Bihar
9 Map of Kerala
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