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SCLY 2 - Education - Topic 1 - Class (AQA AS sociology)
AQA A-Level Sociology: Class Differences in Achievement (External Factors) - Cultural Deprivation
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AQA A-Level Sociology: Class Differences in Achievement - Streaming
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Aimsir Láithreach
situation ethics
AQA A-Level Sociology: Gender Differences in Education - Identity, Class & Girls' Achievement
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Roles of Education
Isobel Wagner
AQA A-Level Sociology: Class Differences in Achievement (External Factors) - Material Deprivation
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AQA A-Level Sociology: Gender Differences in Education - Boys and Achievement
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1 Primary schools
1.1 Rists' studied kindergarten where the teacher MC 'tigers' at the front, and WC 'clowns' at the back
1.2 Teachers had expectations based on class
2 Secondary schools
2.1 Becker - teachers judged based on 'ideal' pupill
2.2 MC closer to ideal
3 High and low status knowledge
3.1 Keddie - labelled as high/low status, knowledge controlled accordingly
3.2 Set accordingly, given different level textbooks etc
4 Self-fulfilling prophecy
4.1 Teacher labels students, treats them different accordingly, pupil internalises expectation and sees themselves in that way - the prediction is fulfilled
4.2 Rosenthal and Jacobson - allocated some students as 'spurters', a year later 47% had significantly improved IQ
4.3 Can be rejected
4.3.1 Wright studied Asian pupils expected to have poor linguistic skills and discluded. However, they dare highest achievers
5 Streaming
5.1 WC more likely in lower sets
5.1.1 Can move sets
5.2 Higher streams are pushed
6 Pupil subcultures
6.1 Differentiation is a process that categorises students
6.1.1 Polarisation is where pupils respond to streaming by moving towards one of two extremes
6.1.2 Ball shows this still happens in schools without streaming bc of teachers
6.2 Pro-school subculture
6.2.1 Commit to school values
6.2.2 Seek academic success
6.3 Anti-school subculture
6.3.1 Feel inferior and seek status through inverting school values
6.3.2 More likely to be in lower sets
6.3.3 Woods Integration - being the teachers pet Ritualism - staying out of trouble Retreatism - daydreaming and mucking aroung Rebellion - outright rejection of school values
7 Critcisms
7.1 Assumes pupils accept their label
7.2 Marxists believe it ignores the wider structures of power
8 WC
8.1 Labeled as low achievers
8.2 Black MC still low
9 MC
9.1 Labelled as high achievers
10 MEG's
10.1 Black - low achievers
10.2 Asian - high
10.2.1 Pakistani low, Chinese high

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