The Benefits of Hobbies

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The Benefits of Hobbies
1 What is a hobby?
1.1 Pastime
1.2 an activity or interest pursued for pleasure or relaxation and not as a main occupation
1.2.1 basically, something you do that you enjoy on your own or in groups
1.3 can be almost anything
1.3.1 golf
1.3.2 stamp collecting
1.3.3 fishing
2 many benefits
2.1 fun/enjoyable
2.2 fitness
2.3 social
2.4 confidence
3 enjoyable
3.1 hobbies are things that you enjoy
3.1.1 you choose to do them so you must like it
3.2 make you feel good
3.2.1 mental benefits
4 fitness
4.1 not all hobbies but a lot
4.2 esp. sports
4.2.1 golf
4.2.2 tennis
4.3 enjoyable and good for you
4.3.1 hiking
4.3.2 swimming
5 social
5.1 make life-long friends
5.1.1 e.g my granny plays golf
5.2 meet new people
5.2.1 people with same interests more chance of liking them
5.3 enjoy hobby with others instead of on your own
6 confidence
6.1 similar to social
6.2 talk to people about interests
6.2.1 make friends
6.3 social anxiety
6.3.1 meet people by taking part in a hobby make friends + feel better
7 overall
7.1 hobby is something you enjoy so you feel good doing it
7.2 many can keep you fit and healthy
7.3 you can make friends that will last a life time
7.4 more confident
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