Areas for improvement - binary

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Areas for improvement - binary
1 Binary images
1.1 Explain the representation of an image as a series of pixels represented in binary.
1.1.1 A binary image is a digital image that has only two possible values for each pixel, 0 and 1.
1.1.2 he two colors used for a binary image are black and white, though any two colors can be used.
1.2 Explain the need for metadata to be included in the file such as height, width and colour depth.
1.3 Discuss the effect of colour depth and resolution of the size of an image.
2 Binary sound
2.1 Explain how sound can be sampled and stored in digital form.
2.2 Explain how sampling intervals and other considerations affect the size of a sound file and quality of its playback.
3 Binary instructions
3.1 Explain how instructions are coded as bit patterns.
3.1.1 A computer can only operate with pure binary numbers (bit patterns)
3.1.2 A high level language is one that allows the programmer to write code that is fairly independent of the processor hardware it runs upon.
3.2 Explain how the computer distinguishes between instructions and data.
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