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Olivia Hewett
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Olivia Hewett
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My Overall Plan for the encryption game I am creating for my AQA GCSE Course.

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Overall Plan for Encryption - Olivia Hewett
1 Menu- Diplays the title; "AQA Text Encryption", Buttons; 'Encrypt Message', 'Decrypt Message', 'Extended Encryption' and 'Exit'.
1.1 Encrypt Message Button clicked
1.1.1 Sample.txt - txt file loaded
1.1.2 "Enter name of text file" label, entry box following next to this to allow the users input e.g 'sample'. If this is a valid file, it will load and display 'File found and loaded' User then clicks 'Generate 8 character key' where a randomised 8 character key will appear below Button appears stating 'Encrypt text file contents' If successfully encrypted, a label stating 'Text file has been encrypted. Please enter the name of the new encrypted file.' Appropriate file name entered, e.g. 'Sample2' the 'Submit' button should be clicked to enter this. After this, the program will return back to the main menu. In the users folder (where the first file was) should be the new, encrypted file.
1.2 'Exit' Button.
1.2.1 Featured on the main menu, when clicked a tab will appear Tab states 'Are you sure you want to quit?' along with a 'Yes' and 'No' button below 'Yes' button Program will close 'No' button Tab will close and program with main menu displayed will remain.
1.3 Decrypt Message Button clicked
1.3.1 User inputs the txt file name into the entry box e.g 'Sample2' submit button will be next to this to enter this submission 'File found and loaded' label will appear 'Enter 8 character key' label will already be there, the key must then be entered into the entry box After 'Submit key' has been pressed to enter this key, the button stating 'Decrypt file contents' will appear beneath If this is successful, the label 'Text file has been decrypted' will appear along with the plaintext of the decrypted ciphertext will appear There will feature a 'Main' and 'Exit' button in the top left corner of the window. The user can choose from which 'Main' will send the user back to the original main menu 'Exit' Will produce an 'Are you sure?' tab and then the user can choose between yes or not
1.4 Tast 10 is extended encryption. This is used to make cracking the encrypted code message more difficult. The aim is to extend the program so that when encrypting the message the characters are grouped in blocks of five characters and are separated by spaces in between them, removing any that were in the original message. This will be given as an extra option on the main menu and this extended encryption can be decrypted as normal on the program
1.4.1 "Enter name of the txt file label, entry box following next to this, allowing user input File will load, if valid name inputted, and label will appear; "File found and loaded" Code will convert the message into cipher text, then separate it using spaces to create groups of five for when the ciphertext is to be displayed Ciphertext will be displayed to user "Enter the new txt file name" Label, with an entry box for the user input and a save button for the file to be saved onto their documents Program will then navigate back to the main menu where they can choose from the four options once again
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