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GCSE Geography (Water on the Land (rivers)) Mind Map on Meanders, created by SEOTP on 01/06/2014.

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1 Meanders - bends in the rivers course
2 The water is deeper and faster on the outside of the bend leading to erosion and undercutting by abrasion. This forms a steep cliff called a river cliff.
3 The flow of water is slower on the inside of the bend so there is less energy. This leads to deposition of the rivers load creating a gentle slip-off slope.
4 Formation of a meander
4.1 1. Water flows faster on the outside bend and slower on the inner curve so the outer bend will be eroded faster because the more energy the water has, the greater the amount of erosion.
4.2 2. The outer bank gets eroded, but material is deposited at the inner bank. Over time a river cliff and a slip-off slope form because the water has less energy therefore deposits all material carried.
4.3 3. As the outer bank wears away, and the inner one grows, a meander forms because the outer bend is eroded more and more and deposition occurs on the inner bend.
4.4 4. As the process continues the meander grows more 'loopy' because the outer bend continues to be eroded more and more