Dams/Reservoir Case Study - Kielder Water

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GCSE Geography (Water on the Land (rivers)) Mind Map on Dams/Reservoir Case Study - Kielder Water, created by SEOTP on 01/06/2014.

Created by SEOTP almost 6 years ago
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Dams/Reservoir Case Study - Kielder Water
1 Kielder water is a reservoir in North East England
2 The largest artificial lake in the UK by capacity
3 Planned in the late 1960s to satisfy an expected rise in demand for water to support a booming UK industrial economy.
4 Constructed between 1975 and 1981
5 It took 2 years for the valley to fill with water completely once construction was completed
6 3 factors led to early criticism that it wasn't needed
6.1 Decline of traditional heavy industry
6.2 More water-efficient industrial processes
6.3 Lower levels of water supply leakage
7 In recent years
7.1 Underground springs ensure the water remains at high levels, regardless of climate conditions
7.2 Whilst the south of England is often forced to implement hosepipe bans, north east England enjoys plentiful water supplies
8 Activities at Kielder Water
8.1 Water sports
8.2 Camping
8.3 Picnic area
8.4 Walk in the forest
8.5 Cycling
8.6 Golf
8.7 Bird watching
8.8 Fishing
8.9 Visit viallges
9 Why this location was chosen
9.1 The river North Tyne valley had a large, relatively wide floor, with steep sides.
9.2 Annual precipitation was high (1370)
9.3 Few people lived in the valley; only a few families needed to be removed and rehoused
9.4 The land was mainly poor quality farm land, remote from markets in the lower Tyne valley.
9.5 A limited variety of lost wildlife habitats, in an area of rough grazing and coniferous woodlands

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