Kielder Water - social, environmental, economic effects

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GCSE Geography (Water on the Land (rivers)) Mind Map on Kielder Water - social, environmental, economic effects, created by SEOTP on 01/06/2014.

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Kielder Water - social, environmental, economic effects
1 Social
1.1 1/4 million visitors each year
1.2 The Calvert trust provides activities for the disabled along with an orienteering course and water sports
1.3 Schools and youth groups use the area for recreation
1.4 Caravan sites, youth hostels and hotels accommodate people
1.5 Skyspace is a hilltop observatory and a sculpture trail links this to the centre
1.6 An all terrain path skirts 40km around the edge of the reservoir
1.7 Bird watching at the Bird of Prey centre along with Salmon fishing opened in 2008
1.8 The HEP plant generates 6MW enough for 4000 homes per year
1.9 Jobs were made available during construction phase and through maintenance of the dam wall
1.10 Mountain biking, downhill trails and horse riding paths have been provided
2 Economic
2.1 1/4 million visitors each year
2.2 A visitor centre and local shops all benefit from tourism
2.3 Forestry generates cash around the reservoir
3 Environmental
3.1 Water levels always remain high drought has never been known
3.2 Northumberland Water manage the area to maintain good quality water
3.3 The Forestry commission ensure the woodland is extracted sustainably whilst protecting environments
3.4 Habitats have been protected especially for the Ospreys and Red Squirrels
3.5 An eco village nearby is powered by waste chips from the forestry process
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